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Here are just some of the reasons why brands are choosing to sponsor AADOM.

AADOM is the go-to organization for dental managers in the U.S. Our exclusive membership platform provides countless benefits to practice managers as they learn, connect, and grow.

One key component of this growth is the connection AADOM has with exceptional organizations serving the dental field (that’s you!).

As a sponsor, you enjoy access to our more than 10,000 members AND can showcase your products and services as an exhibitor at AADOM’s national annual Practice Managers’ conference (the only one of its kind!).

If you’re interested in networking with decision-makers, high influencers, and dental team leaders then explore the various packages we have to offer.

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Why our progress benefits you.
Membership Growth


AADOM membership has increased by 194% in the last five years and continues to grow steadily!


Our marketing packages allow you the unique opportunity to access a highly targeted audience of your decision-makers.

Website Traffic


An average of more than 10,000 users visit the AADOM website each month. Increased engagement in each of our marketing channels ensures that metric will continue to grow.


Featured opportunities on the website provide visibility to dental management professionals nationwide!

Email Opens


A recent survey shows that office managers are most likely to open and respond to an email that is sent from AADOM.


Sending your email message as an AADOM eBlasts and in our weekly newsletter not only increases your chances of making it into their inbox but also of getting opened and read.

Brand Equity


More than ever, dental practice managers are looking to AADOM for up-to-date information and for peer support. AADOM messages carry brand equity of a trustworthy source.


Align your message with the association dental office managers rely on and be represented as a vetted resource.

Meet AADOM's Media Relations Team

We look forward to collaborating with you!
I'm your first Point of Contact and head up:

Advertising Inquiries
Conference Exhibits & Sponsorship
Annual Marketing Agreements

Karin Bennett headshot
Karin Bennett
National Strategic Account Manager
At AADOM, I am your:

Main Sponsor Concierge
Business Partner Strategist
Business Development Manager

Lorie Streeter headshot
Lorie Streeter
Vice President of AADOM
I am your:

LIVEcast, QUICKcast, and PODcast Support Liaison
Conference Logistics Liaison

Trish Chambers headshot
Trish Chambers
Project Manager
I am here to help you with:

Main Sponsor Deliverables
Marketing Agreement Liaison Mains & Gems
Annual Conference and Events Coordination

Roger Streeter's head shot
Roger Streeter
Main Sponsor Support
Conference & Events Coordinator
I am responsible for:

Jr. Concierge, Main and A La Carte Sponsor Deliverables
Marketing Agreement Liaison - Jr. Concierge, Main and A La Carte

Lisa Kelly's head shot
Lisa Kelly
National Sponsor Project Manager
I will help you with:

Marketing Success Strategy
Guidance for Best Practices

Whitney Speir's head shot
Whitney Speir
AADOM Success Manager
‘‘AADOM understands that practice leaders, as the right hand of the dentists they support, are entrusted to secure the proper products and services for the practice. Part of our mission is to facilitate this.’’

Karin Bennett, National Strategic Account Manager

Results-Driven Marketing and Media

As a sponsor you can enjoy access to our far-reaching media platforms.
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One of AADOM's main goals is to provide excellent content, time-tested best practices, and everyday workable solutions these leaders can take back to their practices for immediate application.

Become a sponsor and connect with:

  • Highly engaged attendees
  • Dental team leaders from across the nation
  • Attendees ready to purchase new products and services
‘‘We spoke to more practices in the first 30 minutes at the AADOM Conference than in 3 full days of CDA!’’

Mark Rasmussen, Moolah

Why Exhibit at AADOM?

  • AADOM is the ONLY national annual Practice Managers’ conference
  • High-energy exhibitor attention and boutique feel
  • Network with dental team leaders from across the nation (attendees from specialty as well as general practices)
  • Highly engaged attendees
  • Large number of Dental Practice Management Consultants in attendance
  • Dedicated, scheduled exhibitor time
  • Exhibitor Passport to drive booth traffic
  • High traffic exhibit space in ballroom and classroom areas
  • Forty-seven percent of attendees surveyed after the last AADOM Conference purchased a product or service for the first time that they learned about at the conference

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